Journal Entries in QuickBooks Online

Simply put, a Journal Entry is a record of all accounting transactions made by the company and entered in a General Ledger.

QuickBooks takes in these transactions automatically and inputs the collected data into the general ledger for them to be prepared into reports. Transactions like bills, checks, invoice, etc. will be posted as they are made.

Bear in mind that when you make a journal entry, both credit and debit columns should always balance out in the end.

How to Make a QuickBooks Journal Entry in 5 Steps

1. Navigate to the journal entry feature in QuickBooks Online.
2. Fill in the date and journal number.
3. Enter the correct accounts in the “Category” column.
4. Enter the debit and credit amounts until the entry is balanced.
5. Add a description and save.

Kildal , Stacy “How to Record a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online” 29 January 2020

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