Business Consulting For Mid-sized Businesses

Your business is going and growing. But there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

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Geographic Expansion – North America or Europe

A jump start for growth in your new geography.

A geographic expansion is a big project, requiring a large time commitment for research and travel, whether the expansion is to a new region within an existing country, or expanding overseas. You need high-level experienced help so that the extra time commitments don’t cause your senior managers to take their focus off of delivering on this year’s revenue. You may simply want help scouting for office locations or legal help, or higher-level help finding new employees, new partners or even new acquisition targets. We provide provide experienced hands, local knowledge, and access to a range of local business contacts to help jump start your growth in your new geography.

Cyber security and Resiliency Consulting and Training

Practical, easy-to-understand advice, not technical babble

Small and mid-sized businesses are vulnerable to hackers, criminals, and inside threats, the same as larger businesses. But because small businesses typically don’t have the resources to invest in security that larger businesses do, cyber criminals and hackers view small businesses as soft targets. We providing training so you understand the issues and where you stand now. We help you close the most important gaps in your security – balancing risk and cost. And we can help monitor your business to be able to identify, react, protect, and recover from threats. We’ll help you with:

  • Understanding and managing your risks
  • Safeguarding your information
  • Training you and your employees to work safely and securely
  • Knowing how to identify, protect, detect, and recover from threats

We take a holistic approach to security and cyber security. We cover physical security, personnel security, operational security, privacy, and contingency planning and disaster recovery. A strong security foundation for your business will help you gain and retain customers, employees, and partners. It will also protect you against threats that could put you out of business.

Special Projects – Vendor Selection, Technical Writing, Compensation Surveys, and more

Whether your special project is sensitive or just time-consuming, we can help.

Special projects – they don’t get done on their own. Some require particular domain expertise, others are simply sensitive enough that you don’t want to assign them to your staff. Whether it’s running a technology or security audit, choosing a new vendor, conducting a compensation survey, choosing a new call center system or writing technical documentation, we have experienced, discreet consultants that will get your special project done – competently, quickly, and quietly.

Specialized recruiting by experienced hands

Whether it's one individual or an entire team, our Business Consultants can help.

Available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Poland. Industries served include:

  • Gift card and pre-pay
  • Mobile payments
  • Educational technology (Edtech)
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • IT Managed Services
  • Consumer Packaged Goods

At Silicon Harbor Business Services, we especially focus on sales, marketing, product management and software engineering positions. Our process is straightforward but proven. We first spend time with you and your team, so that we understand your company culture. We typically screen 25 prospective candidates for every one that we bring to you. Generally we come back with a first group of 5-7 candidates for your review, and then from that group, we focus on the 2-3 you like best. We have successful recruiting experience across the United States and in Europe, with both high-level and mid-level candidates.