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Expanding Your Market Area

Is your business ready to grow its market area? Be sure to start with a clear understanding of your current financial situation and how growth will affect your operating budget. 

Silicon Harbor finance pros are here to help. We work with senior management to create scenarios of how geographic growth will affect your business – opportunities in target areas, potential increased costs for manpower and shipping, your likely competition. We can also advise on potential new partners or acquisition targets. Silicon Harbor’s consults are experienced in expanding a company’s market area to jump-start your growth. 

Special Projects:

Vendor Selection, Technical Writing, Compensation Surveys, and more

Some business projects are best handled by outside experts, due to the need for specialized expertise or because the project involves issues too sensitive to be handled by in-house staff. 

Examples may include: 

  • Running a technology or security audit 
  • Choosing a new vendor 
  • Conducting a compensation survey 
  • Writing technical documentation 
  • Exploring an acquisition or merger 

Silicon Harbor Business Services pros can perform these duties for you or connect you to reputable outside experts to fulfill your needs. 

Specialized Recruiting by Experienced Hands

Whether it’s one individual or an entire team, Silicon Business Services Consultants can help. 

We focus primarily on sales, marketing, product management and software engineering positions, with talent from the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Norway, and Poland. We have successfully assisted on recruitments for both mid-level and upper-level positions. 

 Among the industries we serve: 

  • Consumer Packaged Goods 
  • IT Managed Services 
  • Education technology (Edtech) 
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics 
  • Pre-pay and Gift Cards 
  • Mobile Payments 

 Our field-tested process is straightforward: We spend time with you and your team to better understand your company culture. We then screen up to 25 prospects for every position, which are whittled down to 5 to 7 candidates for your review. We can also assist with the on-boarding experience to assure a successful new employee. 

Cybersecurity Consulting and Training

Small and mid-sized businesses have become a primary target for hackers and cybercriminals. The costs can high – freezing your online systems until a ransom is paid, or leakage of company data to the competition. 

Protecting your confidential files and information does not have to be expensive. Silicon Harbor Business Services can analyze your online presence and identifying vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity services include: 

  • Safeguarding confidential documents and data 
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities 
  • Training your team to work and share documents safely and securely 
  • Training your team on how to recover from cyberattacks, including disaster recovery 

A strong security foundation will help you gain and retain customers, employees, and partners, and maintain the health of your business. 

There's a Silicon Harbor Consultant Wherever You Are

Based in Mount Pleasant, SC, Silicon Harbor Business Services has clients large and small throughout South Carolina and Pennsylvania, as far south as Tampa and as far west as Minneapolis, Boulder, and Los Angeles.  

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