Cyber Security & IT Support

Don't be a soft target for cybercrime

Your business is vulnerable to hackers, criminals, and inside threats – just like big businesses. But you don’t have the same resources as larger businesses do to protect yourself – and cyber criminals know it.

You’re a soft target. We’ll help you change that.

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Silicon Harbor Business Services uses a simple but effective 3-step process to protect your business.

No techno-babble, just solid, practical, cost-effective advice.

Understand & Manage Your Risks

  • Identify what information your business stores and uses
  • Determine the value of your information
  • Understand your threats and vulnerabilities

Safeguard Your Information

  • Identify and control who has access to your business information
  • Protect your systems and data
  • Detect viruses and malware
  • Recover from accidents or incidents

Work Safely & Securely

  • Use strong passwords
  • Watch out for harmful pop-ups
  • Be careful of email attachments and web links
  • Be careful downloading software
  • Train your employees