Holiday Season

How to Successfully Market During the Holiday Season

1 Dec 2021 Blog

Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is rapidly coming! Is your small business ready? What can your company do to attract high-spending clients and boost sales during this time of the year?

Due to growing demand, supply chain interruptions, and global shipping delays, more people are starting their holiday shopping early. If you haven’t already begun your local Christmas marketing, now is the time.

Use the strategies below to enhance sales and generate visitors to your business during the busy shopping season.

Here are some marketing strategies to help you over the holiday season.

  1.  Be easy to find online
    • Customers have a multitude of alternatives when it comes to holiday shopping. Creating an online presence is critical for your company to stand out and be easily recognized. Customers begin their purchase trip online, even if you have a physical site. Make certain you meet them there. Here are a few strategies that your company can use to make itself more visible.
  2. Keep your social media accounts active
    • We understand that the holidays are a hectic time for company owners, and maintaining your social media accounts may be the last thing on your mind, but social media is an effective and crucial tool to engage with your clients during this season. Planning and scheduling your posts will be critical for actively keeping your company’s social networks afloat during the busiest season of the year. Keeping your platforms active will increase interaction, allowing you to develop strong relationships and establish a strong brand presence.
  3. Get involved with the local community
    • If your town has any unique activities throughout the holiday season, use them to promote your business. Most communities have a holiday event that many people of the community will attend, ranging from a tree lighting ceremony to visits from Santa Claus. If you’re not sure how to get involved, look at your community’s website for a calendar of forthcoming events.
  4. Have a digital marketing strategy
    • A digital marketing strategy is essential for spreading the word about your local business. Customers and clients aren’t always able to visit your business in person, which is why it’s important to meet them where they are — online. Paid internet advertising, organic social media posts, and email campaigns are all examples of digital marketing methods. While this may appear to be a lot of effort, you are not required to be an expert. The important thing is to get started.
  5. Get Referals from Loyal Customers
    • A reference or a nice review may go a long way, and as a local business, word-of-mouth marketing is critical to maintaining growth. Positive evaluations, according to 95% of consumers, make them more likely to buy a product or service from a company.

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