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At Silicon Harbor Business Services, we provide professional bookkeeping services in Charleston, SC for small businesses.  For startups and small businesses, it is often difficult to maintain the books throughout the course of the year due to both lack of time, lack of funds to hire an in-house bookkeeper and lack of familiarity with Quickbooks Online. We offer Quickbooks Online training, problem solving and bookkeeping solutions so that small business owners can focus on running their business.

Bookkeeping is imperative to the overall health of a business. To set a business up for success, it must have a proper financial process set-up to strengthen the health of the company and promote a uniform way to track all financial data.  Our Charleston bookkeepers can help improve the financial health of small or new businesses.

We understand that for all businesses, but especially startups and small businesses, every penny counts; accurate bookkeeping allows businesses to prosper.  Of course, accurate books are necessary when filing taxes.  However, our Charleston Quickbooks experts can also help new and small businesses with an overall bookkeeping strategy that will allow the business to prosper financially while focusing on their own area of expertise.

Frankly, a business cannot survive without paying close attention to its accurate financial data. In order to understand where money is coming in from and going out to, a business must keep accurate books on a monthly basis. Waiting until tax season rolls around is not only stressful because of the impending deadline, but because it is often difficult to remember what certain expenses or payments were made for, which can matter significantly for tax purposes.


Without a financial background, managing the business’ books on top of the business’ day-to-day activities is extremely unmanageable. For this reason, many Charleston businesses hire Silicon Harbor Business Services. Not only can we manage the day-to-day bookkeeping for a business, but we also follow a proven, disciplined process to create a realistic business plan and a presentation for investors to set the business up for financial success.

The goal of Silicon Harbor Business Services is to provide premier bookkeeping services in Charleston to promote economic growth and success for small businesses.


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QuickBooks Training, Business Consulting & IT Support Services in Charleston, SC

Keeping your books is about much more than just being able to prepare your taxes. It’s the story, literally “the accounting of” your business. At Silicon Harbor Business Services, we will give you solid, practical advice on how to use QuickBooks to make your business better. We can train you, help out with a problem every once in a while, or do your bookkeeping for you each week or each month.

We work with many startups and small businesses. We will help with your overall strategy and the details needed to bring your business idea to life. We follow a proven, disciplined process to create a realistic business plan and a presentation for investors.